Self-Service Reset Password Management: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of this service?

     -     Instantly gain access to your locked out account without having to call the Help Desk
     -     No more waiting in the queue for the next available Help Desk agent
     -     Service is available 24/7 which means you can even gain access to your TCDSB account during non-bussiness hours

Can I reset my password if I have not enroled to the service?
No, you will have to call Help Desk to reset your password.

How do I enrol to the service?

  1. Click the Enrol into SSRPM link
  2. Enter your user id, password, and complete the security verification image, then click Continue
  3. Enter your personal email address (this step is optional). Click Continue to skip this step.
  4. There are 3 challenge questions required. Select Questions 1 and 2 from the drop down list. Question 3 requires you to create a custom question and provide the answer.
  5. Click enrol
Do I have to use my external/personal email address when I enrol?
We recommend you enrol using your external/personal email address to enable PIN code authentication in the event of a password reset or account unlock. This also allows you to receive updates regarding changes to your external/personal email even if you cannot access your TCDSB account. This is an additional security feature.

I cannot log into my TCDSB account, how do I reset my password?

  1. Click the Reset Your Password link
  2. Enter your Username and complete the security verification image, then click Continue
  3. Enter the corresponding answers to your challenge questions, then click Continue
  4. If you have registered your personal email addressenter the PIN code sent to your personal email address, then click Continue
  5. Enter your new password and enter it again to confirm, then click Reset Your Password 
NOTE: You must first enrol in the service in order to reset your password.   

Can I reset my TCDSB account password from home?

Yes, in fact you can do this from any device anywhere including your mobile device. Simply access the internet using any of the supported web browsers and go to
Click here for a list of supported browsers.

NOTE: You must know your user id and password in order to enrol in the service. Once you enrol you can then change your password at any time.

What are the requirements of the challenge questions and the answers?

The enrolment process will ask you to register 3 challenge questions where Questions 1 & 2 you choose from a list of questions then Question 3 you create your own question.

The question requirements are:

  1. Question 3 custom question must be at least 5 characters long
  2. Answers must be at least 4 characters long
  3. An answer cannot be used twice or a word which is in the corresponding question
  4. You cannot have the same answer for multiple questions
  5. When you go to the service to reset your password and enter the challenge questions you have 6 attempts to answer correctly at which time your account is blocked and you will have to wait 30 minutes to try again
I received the pop-up below while accessing the Self-Service Password Reset web portal, what should I do?
If you receive the pop-up below or something similar, always choose “Not for this site” and NEVER choose “Yes”. This is known security issue in Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Save Password pop-up

What is the "Unlock Your Account" option?

This option should be used when your account is locked. If you mistype your password 3 or more times your acount will automatically lock. Other times the account may accidentally lock. Use this option to unlock your account. This option will NOT reset your password.

I have unlocked my account using the service, what do I do next?
You should now be able to login to your account using your current password.

My account has been blocked from using the service, what do I do?

If your account has been blocked from the service, it is most likely that you entered 6 incorrect answers while attempting to reset your password or unlock your account.
You will have to wait 30 minutes to make another attempt.

Is the information that I enter into this service safe?
Yes, the answers that you enter in the service are safe. Security measures such as irreversible encryption are used to secure information in our system.

How to contact the TCDSB I.T. Help Desk?
Web (from any device)  Phone (Priority 1 call in) (416) 222-8282, ext. 4357 (HELP)


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